Friday, March 08, 2013

I found faith in my heart

All alone in a world of confusion
Like a pinball I've bounced from town to town
Though at times I could find a little comfort
No true happiness was found

Lost in a sea of a raging water
Like the desert, I was longing for the rain
I jumped overboard and tried to swim ashore
That's when my whole world began to change

I found faith in my heart
A quiet whisper in the dark
An angel with a warm embrace
I found faith by believing
What my eyes weren't seeing
A promise everlasting
That time and space can't part
I found faith in my heart

There's a  peace inside me flowing like a river
Like the snow that falls
On the early Christmas morn
But it's through the times
I face the stormy weather
You're the light house
That leads me to the shore

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