Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 - Blessings

Few days ago, as I was standing at the threshold of 2013, like always, I looked back at my past journey. Many says not to look at your past but as of me, its my time of reflection. On how good God was and always be. I looked behind with triumph and a heart of victory. Yes, I made it through 2012 and I have every reason to give thanks to God Almighty. To praise His Name and giving Him all the glory.

There were tears. There were laughters. There were valleys. There were mountains. There were seas. There were fresh rivers. And here I am, led by my Master victoriously to the threshold of the new beginning.

And once again, I dedicate my life, my new chapter, new days ahead into His Almighty hand.

My based is Isaiah 48:17-19

And here is for all of us, His promise :

Let our life be like a pavlova.

Sweet. Beautiful. Fragrant. Filling. Full of love

Whoever you are, wherever you are, let your life be like a pavlova.

And let it Glorify His Name.

Blessed New Year 2013 & God Bless You!

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