Thursday, December 20, 2012

About Sonia

                                  Note : This Picture is Just an illustration

Once again, I Thank the One, My Creator.

I am back in this quaint, simple and loveable little town of Lawas after series of stay in Kuching and Miri due to my work for the past few weeks. Having missed my morning flight yesterday, I tried to get into the next available flight but could not get a seat (ya! its a peak season. *smack head*) I decided to take a van through Brunei to Lawas. Praise The Lord, no massive traffic jam but we had a good smooth journey.
And I am in Lawas. :) Almost home.

This morning, as my sister and I were having our breakfast at a local coffeeshop run by a relative and friend, while enjoying my kuey tiaw and iced nescafe, came this little girl (daughter of the shop owner). She is 8 and her name is Sonia. We were told by one of the workers, that she was asking everyone, what does "Kiamat" or doomsday means as the day before she heard people were talking about it (relating to yesterday's newspaper saying the Mayan calendar claims that 21st Dec 2012) is the end of the world.

It brings the curiousity out of the child. And she kept on asking everyone about it. And no answers satisfies her. Until she came to our table and my sister ask her to sit on the chair next to her.

And we begin to tell her the story, about the Bible. And the truth.

We tell her about the meaning of Christmas. About second coming of Christ.

And we told her how to pray.

And that is Sonia. I believe the Holy Spirit will continue to minister to this sweet little soul.

And today is like a divine appointment. And it is all about Sonia. :)

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